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The TouchTrainer. Everything Needed To Train The Way You Fly

TouchTrainer Standard: $5,400. Maintain instrument currency and stay sharp on aircraft normal and emergency procedures. A complete FAA approved turnkey package including a wireless connection to your favorite iPad aviation application such as ForeFlight.

TouchTrainer VX:$8,100. Extend the use of the TouchTrainer into VFR training and mission rehearsal. The visual system is fast and smooth to match our custom aircraft dynamics, electrical system and autopilot simulations.

TouchTrainer VM:$12,500. A 100 * 70 degree visual system that shows what flying by attitude is all about. The large display area stimulates central and peripheral vision and provides all the motion cues you need. 1:1 correlation with aircraft pitch and roll angles enable accurate flight control.

TouchTrainer FM:$18,500 to $35,000. The FM adds an ergonomically correct cockpit and a new 210 degree VisualMotion system to our product line. Incorporate flight simulation into your training; teach skills and procedures from before a students first flight through instrument currency. More details here.

  • TouchTrainer FM TouchTrainer FM
  • TouchTrainer VisualMotion TouchTrainer VisualMotion
  • TouchTrainer VisX TouchTrainer VisX
  • TouchTrainer Standard TouchTrainer Standard


Simulates Type Specific Aircraft Performance, Systems and Avionics.

  • Practice normal aircraft and emergency procedures, instrument procedures, instrument currency and mission rehearsal. Maintain and Log IFR Currency.

  • Rehearse WAAS GPS LPV, LNAV+V, LNAV and Ground Based Approaches at any US airport.

  • Simulate Beech, Cessna, Commander, Corvalis, Cirrus, Diamond, Piper aircraft with Analog, Aspen, Avidyne, G500, G1000 and Perspective avionics: Switch rapidly between them in just a few seconds.

  • Robinson Helicopter with Analog and G500H Avionics

Touch Screen Instrument Panels Provide Interactive Specific Panel Layouts

  • Pilots: More than 80% of our trainers go to individuals who want to stay sharp on their aircrafts avionics, rehearse missions and maintain IFR currency.

  • Flight Schools: Buy TouchTrainers because of their high fidelity avionics and systems simulation for the multiple aircraft types their customers fly.

  • Independent Instructors: Can afford our low initial cost and cost of ownership while providing their students with simulators that simulate the aircraft they train in..

  • For Helicopter Operators. The lowest cost Robinson R22/44/66 helicopter with a massive visual system that enables hovering, autorotation and helicopter IFR training.



TT and VisX

TouchTrainer VX: Cirrus/Diamond

Cessna VisX

TouchTrainer VX: Cessna


CD"The Cirrus Flight Standards department has evaluated the FlyThisSim TouchTrainer. It is a very good aircraft-specific systems, avionics, procedures, and IFR recurrent trainer for Cirrus Analog, Avidyne, and Perspective aircraft. Using this device is an excellent and affordable way for all Cirrus pilots to maintain currency and improve decision making."

Travis Klumb
Cirrus Flight Training Manager
Cirrus Aircraft Corporation
PIC"The TouchTrainer is an outstanding training tool. These units give us the flexibility to simulate the specific clients airplane panel layout and performance, with just a couple of finger touches. The visuals are excellent. Having the client fly an approach to minimums with weather is quite realistic. We’ve used all of the major BATD’s out there and the TouchTrainer easily matches or exceeds their performance. We also think you’ve got the right approach to simulation by using software to simulate avionics. This way any change to avionics in the future can be addressed with new software instead of buying a new simulator. Plus your support has been outstanding. We are very glad we chose the TouchTrainer!"

Thomas K. Seymour, President
PIC Aviation Services, Inc.
Professional Instrument Courses

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