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A Remarkably Affordable FAA Approved BATD

When shopping for a reasonably priced entry-level FAA approved Basic Aviation Training Device with full features and real-world navigation data and realism, look no further the TouchTrainer SD flight simulator. This little powerhouse is packed full of certified capability allowing you to gain experience, learn systems, and log time doing so. The SD is fully reconfigurable and upgradable to a more powerful simulation system as your needs and budget grows. A wonderful tool for the student pilot or cost-conscious aircraft owner

The TouchTrainer SD can host more than 45 individual aircraft packages with two touchscreens devoted to aircraft specific instrumentation and an out of the window view for taxiing, takeoff and landing. The TouchTrainer SD boasts a 45 degree wide visual system that is fast, smooth and detailed. The SD is very popular product for home and flight school use because of its versatility and low cost. No one else provides an FAA Approved desktop flight simulator with this much power at this price.

TouchTrainer SD Features

The TouchTrainer SD is an affordable high performance, FAA approved BATD desk based flight simulator complete with all software and physical controls, screens, computer, desk, and assembly tools that is a true turnkey system for your home, hangar or flight school. With 24” and 10” touch screens for instrumentation and out of the window view, you can focus on avionics and fly instrument procedures to minimums, and look up and land or go missed. The 24” touch screen is shared between the out of the window view and instrumentation. Instrumentation can be hidden in an instant for takeoff, landing and ground operations.The TouchTrainer SD is the perfect tool learn instrument procedures, aircraft systems, normal and emergency procedures to keep you confident and safe as a pilot.


Aircraft Specific Simulation

The TouchTrainer SD can host more than 45 individual aircraft, avionics, autopilot and systems combinations for Beech, Cirrus, Cessna and Diamond aircraft. This means performance, procedures and proficiency learned in the TouchTrainer is directly transferrable to the aircraft. With the TouchTrainer there is no such thing as generic aircraft simulation or performance.

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Rapid Aircraft and Control Reconfiguration

It takes seconds to switch a TouchTrainers control system, aircraft and avionics. Practice flying a joystick controlled aircraft like a Cirrus and then quickly change to a yoke type aircraft like a Cessna. Yokes and throttles can both easily swap for rapid reconfiguration, making your TouchTrainer SD an incredibly versatile avionics simulation device

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FAA Approved BATD

Enables logging of private and instrument training as well as instrument currency. But its use is not restricted to these items, the TouchTrainer can be used to hone normal and emergency procedures, your knowledge of your aircraft. Fly with live air traffic control from PilotEdge and practice using your Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) as you would in the aircraft.

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Dedicated Avionics Panels

Dedicated Avionics Panels

The FTS TouchTrainer SD gives you instrumentation, PFD, MFD and avionics simulations ready to enter flight plans and fly approaches including missed approaches by hand, flight director or fully coupled. Our custom autopilots enable you to use the same button selections and sequences found in your aircraft. The secret of instrument flying is to be ready for what is going to happen next. Use the TouchTrainer to master your avionics and anticipate the future.

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Upgrade Easily to Match Your Training Needs

The FlyThisSim TouchTrainer SD is a great starter simulator packed with enough power to get you going and comfortable with your aircraft. When you are ready to upgrade to more power, a better visual system, and more simulation capability, your TouchTrainer SD is easily upgraded. Evolve the SD into a TouchTrainer SD to add an affordable visual system or max out the SDs capability by upgrading to our modular TouchTrainer Visual Motion 100 degree massive visual flight simulator, all without breaking the bank.

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45 degree Wide Visual System

The FTS TouchTrainer SD flight simulator displays the out of the window view and simulator instrumentation a large HD 24” touchscreen. The instrumentation can be hidden with a quick touch of the screen enabling a larger outside view for ground operations. Instrumentation can be brought back just as easily.

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Replicate 45 Aircraft Specific
Cockpits and Panels

Aircraft_cookpit Aircraft_cookpit

Want to request for FTS Panel Datasheet or Watch Video of comprehensive avionics on our TouchTrainer
Simulators, please simply click on the buttons below

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Connect Your EFB

Connect to your FlyThisSim TouchTrainer with your EFB loaded on your iPad. Once your iPad is connected to our TouchTrainer, the simulator starts to feed real time data on movement and location to your ForeFlight application. Real-time weather, simulator correlation, providing real world training using the tools you fly with.

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Add Realism to Your Airport & Surrounding

FlyThisSim TouchTrainers run on our native SimAVIO simulation framework software and utilizes X-Plane's simulation engine for the visual system, flight and engine model. X-Plane provides one of the most realistic simulation foundations available. It offers an endless amount of upgradable features and add-ons. FlyThisSim provides continual support in finding and installing these add-ons making your TouchTrainer much more enticing to fly.

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Standard Display

SD Display

45 degrees of visual desktop, the SD display system provides a sleek, smooth and fast constant horizon visual scene to provide an almost real look at the outside world while you use your TouchTrainer SD simulator. Try a TouchTrainer with SD display in a darkened room and you will feel like you are inside your actual aircraft.

FtS Green

FtS Green

The TouchTrainer SD is powered by our capable FTS Green simulation computer. This machine has multiple high performance GPUs, a lightning fast processor, and the latest data bus interface to assure a realistically smooth simulation.



The FTS designed TouchTrainer SD assembles to become a high quality stable simulator with table and TouchTrainer Base, which ensures a modern, refined, integrated look and feel.

Optional-TIOS Instructor Station

Touchscreen Instructor Operations System (TIOS) is an on-board or remote simulator control system enabling user monitoring and simulation control for all TouchTrainers. The TIOS is available as an integral part of the TouchTrainer, residing on a secondary touch monitor instructor station or as an Extended TIOS running on a separate tablet wirelessly connected to the simulator.

FAA Approval on all Touch Trainers

All FTS flight simulators are approved by the FAA. This allows pilots and student pilots to log hours during flight training or to maintain instrument currency.


TouchTrainer SD


  • Touchtrainer with reconfigurable flying control system
  • Yoke or Sidestick, Rudder, Lever Throttles (single and twin if appropriate).
  • Connectivity to Electronic Flight Bags and PilotEdge
  • One aircraft manufacturer's simulation kit
  • FAA certificate, tools and documentation
  • 1 Year warranty, support and navigation data updates

SD upgrades

starting From

  • Software for additional aircraft $800 with purchase or $950 after purchase
  • TIOS System Including Tablet - $2000
  • Upgrade to VX with FTS SD core return - $3,100
  • FTS Vernier Throttles - $650
  • Commercial Licence - $1000
  • Additional one or two year warranty $350 per year ($600 commercial)


  • FTS SimAVIO Simulation Software
  • Custom avionics, aircraft and simulation system
  • SD 45 degree widevisual system
  • On board interactive Instructors Operating Station
  • X-Plane 10 flight simulation core software
  • Custom built FTS Green aviation simulation computer
  • Two FTS touch screen devices
  • Yoke or stick controls, lever throttles, and rudder pedals
  • FTS Simulator Surface and table with reconfigurable flight control system
  • FAA certificate, tools and documentation

TouchTrainer SD Dimensions


Top View


Front View


side view

  • Total Weight: 137lbs
  • Box1: 24” x 24” x 32”
  • Weight: 75lbs
  • Box2: 46” x 34” x 5”
  • Weight: 42lbs