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for Current Pilots

Private and Instrument Pilots

Re-enforce training as you build your first hours as a Private Pilot. Use the TouchTraineras a confidence building tool to ensure you can navigate to different airfields day and night rehearsing before you attempt each flight.Build your experience before jumping to the next level as an Instrument rated pilot.


Stay Proficient on emergency procedures by practicing engine and aircraft systems failures. Maintain currency in the use of Electronic Flight Bags and Flight Planning tools such as ForeFlight

From Private to Instrument Pilot.

The TouchTrainer is especially good at preparing and practicing for your instrument rating. From understanding that pitch and power equals performance in all flight modes to the operation of your autopilot going missed the TouchTrainer is a capable companion. Practice in the TouchTrainer will help you find the spare mental capacity to think through and understand instrument flight while maintaining command and control of the aircraft and situation.

Instrument Rating and Beyond.

Often staying current can be a problem, particularly when the weather is very bad or very good. You can select the weather, your aircraft and a mission to fly in your own home or hangar and log the time for instrument currency.

A Flying Life-Long Investment.

Whichever aircraft, avionics or location your TouchTrainer goes with you, from initial aircraft familiarization to instrument currency the TouchTrainer is a flying life-long training tool.


Why a

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Moves with you when you change aircraft, avionics and mission. A TouchTrainer can simulate many different types of aircraft and avionics including high performance Technically Advanced Aircraft. The TouchTrainer is under continual development to increase the avionics and aircraft simulated so it is likely as you move forward in your flying the TouchTrainer will be adaptable to your requirements


From our lowest priced standard (SD) system TouchTrainers are upgradeable to the next level desk based simulator, right up to the outstanding TouchTrainer VM 100. TouchTrainers can be upgraded with more aircraft and more panels than any other system.


Touch Screens and standard hardware replace the low volume mechanical systems of other manufacturers providing increased reliability. On Line Remote desktop support is available to maintain your system should something go wrong and our software upgrades mean the TouchTrainer constantly improves its simulation capabilities.