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Provide Focused Training and take the classroom out of the cockpit. Simulators provide many training opportunities the aircraft does not.

Correct Mistakes and Misunderstandings as They Happen

The ability to pause flight to explain concepts, rapidly repeat tasks and replay flights are just three examples of the ways an TouchTrainer can improve your effectiveness as a Flight Instructor.

Bridge Ground and Flight School

Integrated flight training should not separate ground and flight school. Use the simulator to show how ground school lessons are relevant. Airport signage, taxying, winds and navigation can all be seen working just as ground school predicts. Illustrate scenarios you would not want to do in the aircraft like carburetor icing, VFR into IFR, getting lost, low visibility navigation, unusual attitudes, engine failures etc.

Offer High Margin Technically Advanced Aircraft Training

There is high demand for instructors versed in training in aircraft like the Cirrus SR series and Cessna C350/400 with advanced flight decks. The TouchTrainer simulates a wider range of Technically Advanced Aircraft than any other FAA approved Flight Training Device.

An Alternative for Unserviceable Aircraft and Bad Weather

Aircraft unavailability does not mean you cannot train. Earn flight instruction pay while you instruct in the simulator. Even better let your simulator earn revenue while you fly with another student.


Why a

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A TouchTrainer can simulate many different types of aircraft and avionics including high performance Technically Advanced Aircraft, and the TouchTrainer is under continual development always adding to the avionics and aircraft we simulate so it is likely whatever customer you train there is an appropriate TouchTrainer simulation.


From our lowest priced standard (SD) system TouchTrainers are upgradeable to the next level desk based simulator, right up to the outstanding TouchTrainer VM (VM 100). TouchTrainers can be upgraded with more aircraft and more panels than any other system.


Touch Screens and standard hardware replace the low volume mechanical systems of other manufacturers providing increased reliability. On Line Remote desktop support is available to maintain your system should something go wrong and our software upgrades mean the TouchTrainer constantly improves its simulation capabilities.