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TouchTrainer Configurations

The Most Versatile Flight Simulator

The FlyThisSim TouchTrainer flight simulator has been designed from the ground up to be a rapidly reconfigurable flight simulation training device that enables aircraft specific simulation with standard hardware. We support over 125 different panels and more than 15 different aircraft types.

We provide as part of our aircraft packages controls appropriate to the aircraft being flown. As a new aircraft is loaded the simulator is automatically reconfigured to expect the correct controls.

Our simulators are robustly designed to allow regular reconfiguration such that a yoke can be exchanged for a joystick and engine controls can be rapidly re-configured as Vernier or levers for single engine and twin engine aircraft in a matter of seconds.

Rapid reconfiguration extends the professional usefulness of the TouchTrainer because it can support multiple varied flight school aircraft fleets, flying club and individual owner aircraft.


TouchTrainer SD


TouchTrainer VX


TouchTrainer VM


TouchTrainer FM 100


TouchTrainer FM 210

All FAA Approved BATD Fixed Wing TouchTrainers as shown above could be reconfigured easily to over 125 different aircraft panels in over 15 different types of aircraft. If you would like to request for a complete FTS Panel Datasheet or just simply talk to our FTS specialists, please click here.